Your bathroom is where you begin your day and so it should be a space that you find both enjoyable and functional. Your cabinetry can make a huge difference as to how your day begins. Depending on your daily routine and the size of your space, a new cabinet layout can make your space more enjoyable and increase your storage.

Whether you’re going for an indulgent spa feel or a practical bath for your children, Distinctive Cabinets is the go-to place. As with all renovations, you have to consider your budget. Simple upgrades such as refacing your cabinets can make a world of difference in the appeal and comfort of your bathroom. It can also increase the resale value of your home drastically if you’re willing to invest in newly updated cabinets. While the size of your bathroom, and the finishes you choose will create a variation in price, you can plan on spending about 30% of your renovation budget on your cabinets.

If it’s your master bathroom you’re looking to update, a simple change such a double sinks can make every morning routine easier. His and her’s spaces in the bathroom are an easy change that has all the potential to give you a brighter start for your day. You can also maximize every inch of your counter space for ease of use with proper planning in conjunction with Distinctive Cabinets, because every inch counts.

For a modern look and feel, details such as cabinet legs can bring you to a new level of bathroom cabinetry. Other finishing touches like the pulls you choose can also help you customize the ambiance of your most intimate space. For your expanding family you may be looking for increased storage. Adding wall hanging cabinets to an existing space will not only change the feel of a room but add functionality for storing items that you don’t want the little ones to reach. If organization is your priority, drawer boxes and dividers are an option that will make keeping your daily grooming items easy to find and easier to access. For children, dividers can create their own space giving them greater independence all while being able to straighten up more easily. Other simple features to make your life a little less noisy are details such as soft close drawers and hinges. They dampen the speed at which the cabinets are drawers close and allow for a noiseless cabinet experience, even with children.