Custom Bar and Rec Room Cabinetry

Imagine having your own recreation room or home bar to enjoy with your family and friends. At Distinctive Cabinets, we specialize in custom bar and rec-room cabinetry. Whether you own a restaurant, pub, or would just like a place of your own to escape to, we can create the bar or rec-room of your dreams. As always, you are welcome come and see our newly renovated basement bar room by scheduling an in-home showing.

Creating a custom bar or recreation area could very well be the most fun update you can make to your home. Whether for entertaining guests or for you and your family to enjoy, there are a myriad of options to outfit your space perfectly, and Distinctive Cabinets will help you every step of the way.

There are many considerations while creating your special rec space or bar, and it begins with how you want to utilize the space. There are many accessories that can go along with a bar space, so one of the first matters to take into mind is whether you want it to be a wet bar or a dry bar. This will affect the layout of how you entertain in your space. If you’re planning a wet bar you will need to think about running plumbing and a drain system. Also, if you want to wash your barware and glassware at the bar sink, you need to be sure to have the space for it. Another piece to keep I mind is having your own beer on tap. The proper refrigeration and tap setup can make for an entertaining space like no other.

If it’s not a tap line you’re looking to install, but still want to have cold beverages behind your bar, think about leaving space for a mini fridge. Or for more specialized bar, consider having a fridge for beer as well as a separate unit for a wine fridge to keep each at their proper temperatures. While thinking about being behind the bar, take into mind the options of the back bar. Would you like a full back bar or more simple shelving. This will also affect the space you have to work in yourself while you are having friends and family over. Like to have parties? Plan a dedicated space for an entertainment system so you can be master of the music while you’re making Old Fashioneds.

When space planning, other key topics are the height and the number of stool spaces you’d like, if any. The height of your bar may depend on the height of your ceilings in the area you are having it installed. If you’re in an area with a lower ceiling you should bring that into mind when looking at the bar height to make sure your guests don’t feel too cramped. Whether L-shaped, horseshoe or rectangular, Distinctive Cabinets can help you with all of your planning and building needs to make your space the envy of the neighborhood.